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An implementation of the OpenTelemetry SDK for Perl

Changes for 0.019 - 2023-11-23T19:31:08+00:00

  • Validate span processors when adding them to the TracerProvider
  • Shutting down a TracerProvider that has been shutdown is not en error and no longer warns
  • Add documentation for TracerProvider's add_span_processor
  • Make all shutdown and force_flush methods async for consistency
  • Remove lock from span to avoid running into file descriptor limits (GH #8)

Low-level access to the X11 library

Changes for 0.25 - 2023-08-21

  • Resolve naming conflict with perl CORE (issue #8)
  • Implement XGetKeyboardControl and struct XKeyboardState
  • Allow C-style API for XTranslateCoordinates, XQueryPointer, and XGetGeometry that return values into params, while also allowing perl-style API that returns a list.
  • Many documentation updates (full method coverage)
  • Numerous tooling improvements and author tests
  • Update to Devel:😛PPort-3.71

The Unihan Data Base 5.1.0

Changes for 0.044 - 2023-07-23T00:00:40Z

  • Fix use_ok and isa_ok tests (Graham Knopp, #8)

Lists of reserved barewords and symbol names

Changes for 1.25 - 2023-06-19T15:16:08Z

  • Add Corinna keywords, new with Perl 5.38.0 (PR #8, @trwyant) ADJUST class field method


Perl API for manipulating with nfdump files based on library

Changes for 1.33 - 2023-03-21
  • fixed issue #8


Provides Moose-like method modifiers

Changes for 2.14 - 2023-01-16T21:26:04Z
  • remove Test::Fatal and Test::Needs from test prereqs (PRs #7, #8, Graham Knop)
#7 #8