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test functions for particular variable types

Changes for 1.246 - 2024-03-09T01:42:16Z

  • fix dualvar_ok so it actaully exports (#12) from jwrightecs

Maintain and serve a REST API to search PGXN mirrors

Changes for 0.20.0

  • Removed the `Capfile` and `eg` directory. Examples for managing PGXN can now be found in the pgxn/pgxn-ops GitHub repository.
  • Switched from Text::Markdown to CommonMark for parsing and formatting Markdown files (but not MultiMarkdown files). This allows code fences to work and generates nicer HTML in general, but is stricter about certain things.
  • The docs indexer now indexes a distribution's README if it is the only documentation it finds in the distribution (#12).
  • The docs indexer now strictly links an extension to the doc file specified via the `docfile` key in its `provides` object, even if it's a README (#10).
  • The indexer will now index a testing release if there are no stable releases, and will index an unstable release if there are neither stable nor testing releases (#2).
  • Updated the SemVer regex when parsing rsync output to the official version published in (#16).
  • Fix unzipping of distributions to ensure that all directories are readable and executable but not writeable by all, and that files are only readable by all (#15).
  • Dropped support for Perl 5.10 and 5.12.
#15 #10 #2 #12 #16

Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies

Changes for 1.32 - 2023-07-05

  • Ensure $inc gets removed from the start of $File::Find::name
  • Provide dedicated test scripts for some tests instead of using the test scripts themselves: Test::More draws in all kinds of stuff, totally unpredictable
  • Rewrite test helpers in t/ to use Test::More's subtest feature
  • Code cleanup; fix detection of 'do STRING' (cf PR #15)
  • sort items in "used by" column
  • Handle spaces after quote operator, e.g. eval qq {Some::Module}
  • Fixes #12: share dir not returned when require module is in an eval
  • Recognize constructs like "eval qq{require Inline::C}".
  • Recognize idioms like "if (eval { require Foo }) { ..."
  • Add %preload rules for some Mojo resource files
  • Bump perl dependency to guard against ancient perls without FindBin::again()
  • Add tool to trace when (and from where) Perl searches for a module
#15 #12

Another CSS minifier

Changes for 2.09 - 2023-06-07

  • Detect the word 'license' as a copyright notice (GH #12, thanks to kovmir)


Run large database changes safely

Changes for v1.0.1 - 2023-03-30T22:01:34Z
  • Update README / LICENSE / Makefile (Brendan Byrd)
  • xt & POD fixes (Brendan Byrd)
  • Pull request #12: SM-4113 (Brendan Byrd)
  • Add count_rs attribute (Brendan Byrd)
  • Add maximum run time feature (Brendan Byrd)
  • Add COUNT statement target_time check in chunk count checker routine (Brendan Byrd)
  • Rename $ls->timer to chunk_timer and create total_timer attribute (Brendan Byrd)