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I am new to this subreddit, but not new to Perl, though I've been flirting with Python for a little over two years so I'm a little out of the loop.

If I wanted to create a RESTful API using Catalyst and have my Swagger docs generated automatically, are there any toolchain recommendations that anyone can make?


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As you may know, the release of a new version of Perl triggers the process to elect a new Perl Steering Council. That process has been taking place over the last few weeks and the results were announced a few days ago.

Congratulations to returning members Philip Bruhat and Graham Knop and to new member Aristotle Pagaltzis. And many thanks to retiring member Paul Evans.

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I have a Mac M1 chip laptop.

While I have managed to install a couple of modules, most fail to install.

I tried perlbrew, but that was a struggle to even get it to install perl itself, but when it was installed it wasn't working the way I needed it to.

Just wondering if I am missing something with CPAN or if this is an issue because it's an M1 chip?

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The final installment in the series:

"The-Quest-For-Performance" from my blog Killing It with #perl

Discussing #python #numpy #numba, #rstats #openMP enhancements of Perl code and #simd

Bottom line: I will not be migrating to Python anytime soon.

Food for thought: The Perl interpreter (and many of the modules) are deep down massive C programs. Perhaps one can squeeze real performance kicks by looking into alternative compilers, compiler flags and pragmas ?

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