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General purpose command option wrapper

Changes for v0.6 - 2023-03-30T11:24:42Z
  • Implement -Mutil::argv::filter() interface.


Utilities related to fire diamond (NFPA 704 standard)

Changes for 0.002 - 2023-03-29
  • No functional changes.
  • [build] Rebuild with Parse::FireDiamond 0.004 to fix generated POD.


A Perl module and standalone script for imposition of small pages on bigger paper.

Changes for 1.40
  • Change 2022 to 2023!


Efficiently compute time from local and GMT time

Changes for 1.34 - 2023-03-25
  • Fix for test failures seen on 32-bit systems with older Perl versions.



Changes for 0.041 - 2023-03-25


Manipulates TAR archives

Changes for 3.00
  • RT #119949: Correctly concat prefix on directories
  • enabled t/90_symlink.t for all platforms with symlinks
  • Fix pod typo 'Archive::Tar::Files'
  • Update links under SEE ALSO
  • Skip symlink tests on Windows/msys2
  • Support extraction of large files


Create a module Makefile

Changes for 7.69_01
  • Core reversions:
  • Reverted the PERL_CORE and PERL_SRC changes from v7.67_02 These will be reintroduced after more testing in core


Memory mapping made simple and safe.

Changes for 0.68 - 2023-03-25T10:32:11+01:00
  • Re-eliminate second magic vtable
  • Eliminate all CODE blocks in XS


an exporter with the features of Sub::Exporter but only core dependencies

Changes for 1.006001 - 2023-03-24
  • Documentation
  • Packaging


to export lexically-available subs with Sub::Exporter

Changes for 1.000 - 2023-03-24T11:17:23-04:00
  • This version should work on v5.12+ but ONLY if you have a working Lexical::Sub installed (or are on v5.37.2 or later). This requires Lexical::Var 0.10, just released.


Time zone object base class and factory

Changes for 2.59 - 2023-03-23
  • This release is based on version 2023b of the Olson database. This release includes contemporary changes for Lebanon.

Virtual hosts with multiple accounts on a single server - Not just a #Fediverse server, but a #multi tenant #Django based Fediverse solution!

#tallship #Takahe #ActivityPub #FOSS


takahē - A new Fediverse paradigm

takahē – A new Fediverse paradigm

Fresh out of the oven is #Takahē, introducing a very interesting basic functional motive for development and delivering a beautiful #UX. It also derives inspiration in the form of its #mascott from a species once thought extinct for about a century.

That is, until a single man obsessed with the saga of this large, flightness bird since his early childhood, endlessly sought out and eventually rediscovered it was actually extant 75 years ago through his tireless efforts.

In recent years, and not without some particularly problematic attempts in the management of this #endangered_species, the population of these magnificent birds has more or less stabilized at around 100 members living in the wild, thanks to the committed efforts of a government sponsored #refoliation, hatching, and rearing program; in conjunction with a comprehensive scientific tagging, tracking, and monitoring effort of those members released into the wild alongside the wild-born members of the #population.

The software project itself has struck me as rather special too, and not just for its two functionally unique characteristics amongst other #Fediverse platforms – first, and similar to name based #SSL hosting on #HTTP servers with #SNI, Takahē provides multi-domain virtual hosting capabilities to #ActivityPubthis is huge, and opens the door for for even the casusl home self-hoster to provide #turnkey #SaaS offerings to their friends and family members in the form of small and #single_user “virtual Fediverse server instances”, in consumer based home #LAN environments – let alone the potential for commercial hosting endeavors.

To my knowledge, *this is the very first time* this novel approach to Fediverse networking over ActivityPub has been broached.

If you hurry, you might still be able to secure for yourself an account in their limited beta program.

Go ahead, you can do that now, I'll still be here when you get back 😎

And as if that alone were not enough to revolutionize the paradigm and dynamic of the Fediverse, Takahē also introduces multiple account (alt) identities for each user user account on the server. This can only be described as freaking groundbreaking!

A single user account for a person might be the base for say, both @userone@SLD01.TLD01 AND @userone@SLD02 .TLD02 AND @usertwo@SLD02 .TLD02 – that, at least to me, can only be described as, “The Bees Knees”.

I'm sure that many will cite, and of course it is not only possible but quite likely, that this will lower the bar for abusive actors to engage in shenanigans. However true as that may be, such potential (and existing practice) exists already within the Fediverse so the ease with which bad actors will avail themselves of such toolings only is only trivially simplified, not introduced; besides, complaining about such a thing is irrelevant – the cat is already out of the bag.

Indeed, there are already other Fediverse server platforms (such as the Hubzilla (ZOT) and Misskey families of forks and variants that already support the creation and management of multiple identities under a single account anyway – but Bringing the SNI shared hosting experience into production with a single Fediverse server instance is truly unprecedented in Fediverse space.

There's a lot more. Did I mention the beautiful, and exceedingly intuitive UI? Of course I did!

There's another corollary that I alluded to. Did you miss it? It was right there, before your eyes.

Yes, there's a metaphor, craftily scripted between the lines of everything you just read (that is, if you didn't tl;dr).

The impetus for much of #decentralization (DeSoc) and the #Genesis of the Fediverse is arguably the notion of what was indeed a #decentralized #WorldWideWeb over the fully decentralized #Internet, having falling victim to capture by special interests – the #deprecated, #proprietary, #privacydisrespecting and #legacy #monolithicsilos – owned, spawned, and managed by mega surveillance-capitalism #data_mining corporations.... IOW, the so-called, Sunnyvale Syndrome.

This effectively killed of much of the notion that there even still existed an independant, #distributednetwork of services and sites truly belonging to the #individualparticipants, i.e., average #schmoes like you and me.

For sometime now, many have even claimed and argued that the kinder, friendlier #web of days gone by, where small #communities of #people and #websites belonging to #individuals and small businesses were actually #extinct in reality – with only those well heeled analytically correct, SEO optimized, #subjugated websites and #chattel in the form of people that had sworn #fealty to their lords and masters remaining. #Apple, #Amazon, the #Google and #Faceplant having long since taken #possession of their souls and #identities.

It's dark, so incredibly dark. And you have awakened to find yourself at the bottom of a well that you apparently have fallen into. There's plenty of water, you're knee deep in it, and a voice from above booms aloud that food will be delivered so long as, “It puts the lotion on its skin!”

And in a manner of speaking, following an “Internet century” (think, 'dog years') of a #dystopian #feudal Institution where Homo sapien drones existing in #LordsandVassals lockstep, told what to think, how to believe, where to shit, and when to wake up and punch the time clock, had completely replaced the actually extinct human race... Well?...

Fast forwarding to the scene where...

Some awkward little child in a dimly candlelit bedroom, many children, truth be told, consumed with the dreams of, and empowered with an obsessive belief that, a world where real, unique and independently diverse human beings actually existed, grew up and many years later rediscovered that they really did still walk the earth.

Kinda like the true story of the Takahē. And we too, are beautiful.

I'm leaving the rest for you to discover for yourselves, and look forward to many discussions on this invigorating topic. In the meantime, you can follow:

I can be reached on Matrix at:

via XMPP at:

and in the Fediverse at:@[url=/@/][/url]

I hope that helps! Enjoy!

#tallship #FOSS #virtualhosting #multipleidentity #DeSoc #SunnyvaleSyndrome #AOLEffect



Perl package to add one_shot method to Net::MQTT::Simple

Changes for 0.02 - 2023-03-21
  • Added process time to return object
  • Added requires Time::HiRes
  • Skipped Net::MQTT::Simple import
  • Cleaned up code


CLI front-end for the complete_*() functions from Complete::* modules

Changes for 0.152 - 2023-01-19
  • Add CLI: complete-from-schema.

SAS expanders doing weird things. might finally have things repaired now I just need the scrub to go for a while and see that the disks don't disconnect the way that they were before.

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translation support module for greple

Changes for 0.19 - 2023-03-22T12:40:45Z
  • update xlate.el
  • change --match-entire to --match-all
  • set default format as "xtxt" and "cm"
  • set DISPLAY only when DISPLAY is set
  • require 'Clipboard' module on demand


A module for managing passwords in a cryptographically agile manner

Changes for 0.012 - 2023-03-22T12:32:01+01:00
  • Allow descrypt to not need rehash


Several predefined Type::Tiny types

Changes for 0.10 - 2023-03-22T09:18:00Z
  • replaced OTRS stuff with more generic OPM stuff (thanks to Steve Rogerson)
  • worked on infrastructure (Github actions, ...) (thanks to Steve Rogerson)


search for URLs in plain text

Changes for 0.06 - 2023-03-20
  • drop support for ftp: and ftps: URLs because current browsers don't speak FTP anymore
  • switch from Test::More to Test2::V0
  • switch to a version number that's less crazy


Perl extension for stripping HTML markup from text.

Changes for 2.12
  • update META.yml to version 2 spec (patch contributed by Boyd Duffee)
  • fixes test failure in t/420_pod_coverage.t with Test:😛od::Coverage installed


An interface to ElasticSearch API, version independent

Changes for 2.5.1 - 2023-03-20T18:30:00+02:00
  • The connect method deleted. Its functionality merged to the new()
  • POD edit


translation support module for greple

Changes for 0.18 - 2023-03-19T11:20:45Z
  • introduce -R option
  • make debug message concise


high-performance, selector-based, content-aware HTML template engine

Changes for 0.07 - 2023-03-19
  • reduce dependencies by switching to 'feature' (i.e. 'no feature "indirect"') instead of 'indirect' and Test2 instead of Test::More, Test::Builder, Test::Fatal
  • extend basic benchmark to cover Mojo::Template, Text:🤐slate, HTML::Template, and HTML::Template:😛ro
  • include benchmark files in the distribution
  • add example to documentation for autogenerating script hashes from template files for CSP
  • extend test suite to cover more of HTML::Blitz::Builder, rule conflicts, and HTML syntax corner cases


System Calls for File IO, User, Process, Signal, Socket

Changes for 0.45 - 2022-06-21
  • Internal Compatible Changes