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Multi column file system explorer

Changes for 0.01 - 2024-03-01T10:42:59Z

  • original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options -X Tk::FileBrowser

Tied objects

Changes for 0.17 - 2024-03-29

  • Adds get_meta to return the objects definition
  • Adds Rope::Monkey which takes the monkey patch approach to achieve autoloading, each for their own.

Call a subroutine on destruction of a variable.

Changes for 0.09 - 2024-03-29T19:04:01+01:00

  • Further fix on older perls

Tied objects

Changes for 0.16 - 2024-03-29

  • Fix before, around and after to only work on readonly functions (properties that have a value as a code ref), to prevent unexpected behaviour.

Tied objects

Changes for 0.15 - 2024-03-29

  • Adds get_initialised function which can be called on Rope to retrieve an already initialised object by index.
  • Adds before, around and after keywords which can be chained and work for all properties/functions, not traditional subs currently because they are effectively 'hidden' to Rope.

Hi all,

I have most difficulties to make my LWP::UserAgent to use TLS 1.2/1.3

I tried :

my $ua = new LWP::UserAgent( 'ssl_opts' => { SSL_version => 'TLSv12:!SSLv2:!SSLv3:!TLSv1:!TLSv11', } );

but no success .....

also tried :


perl v5.32 is not that old, I am very surprised I can't establish connecting to TLS 1.2/1.3 server

Is it a known problem with openSSL version used to compile v5.32 ? if so, can I upgrade the SSL libs only ? or is there an option to pass on to force TLS 1.2/1.3 ?

Windows 10 - strawberry v5.32.1 MSWin32-x64-multi-thread

Thank you very much !

submitted by /u/lowpowerdesign
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Read environment variables from .env file

Changes for 0.012 - 2024-03-29T18:05:10+02:00

  • Fix lib and test code to use Cwd::abs_path with File::Spec->catdir|catfile.

Class for conversion between percent number to star visualization

Changes for 0.03 - 2024-03-29T16:01:21+01:00

  • Add missing dot in doc.
  • Improve doc for constructor.
  • Move bugtracker to Github.
  • Move valid tests to top.
  • Rewrite check of error to Mo::utils.

I have a bunch of YAML config files (using YAML::XS) which are multidimensional, and the values can be HASH, ARRAY, or SCALAR. Right now, I have a kind of a template YAML that defines the layout that someone can use as a reference to write a config file. The keys and layout are the same, except instead of having values it has two keys: 1) required (boolean) and 2) type (ARRAY, HASH, STR, etc). What I would like is for a sub to just verify the tree and spit out an error on which key is the problem, but I'm getting kind of lost on trying to loop both trees together.

Here is a small example from a part of a YAML config.

split: level: 3 filter: directories: delete: - \/main.assets$ keep: - S2589004224001688 files: keep: - issue.xml - main.xml - main.pdf 

And here is a small example from the YAML config template that someone uses as a reference.
split: required: True type: HASH group: required: False type: HASH by: required: True type: STR count: required: True type: STR level: required: True type: INT filter: required: False type: HASH directories: required: False type: HASH delete: required: False type: ARRAY keep: required: False type: ARRAY files: required: False type: HASH delete: required: False type: ARRAY keep: required: False type: ARRAY 

submitted by /u/sirhalos
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Audit CPAN distributions for known vulnerabilities

Changes for 20240329.002 - 2024-03-29T12:08:01Z

  • Data update for 2024-03-29

create diffs between HTTP requests

Changes for 0.06 - 2024-03-29

  • Use "stable" instead of "experimental"

Some fun with chatgpt (note that you can get the same information with a rudimentary search across various research databases followed by statistical analysis of the tags)

When reading the chat bot response note that

legacy systems include many/most of the research tools in many fields many of the legacy systems are heavily dependent on bash for gluing their individual components many of these legacy systems include a noninsignificant amount for web programming Python / R etc just glue over code written in C and Fortran, ie they just provide an API

Prompt: can you suggest a few application areas for perl as glue in scientific component based software engineering?

Perl can be effectively used as "glue" in scientific component-based software engineering due to its strong text manipulation capabilities, mature ecosystem, and ability to interface with various systems and languages. Here are a few application areas where Perl can excel as a glue language:

1. Bioinformatics Pipelines

Perl has been traditionally strong in bioinformatics, where it is used to connect different software components for tasks like DNA sequence analysis, protein structure prediction, and genetic data processing. It can orchestrate workflows that involve calling various tools, parsing their output, and preparing it for the next step in the analysis pipeline.

2. Data Transformation and Integration

In scientific computing, there is often a need to transform data between different formats or integrate data from various sources. Perl can serve as a glue language to script these transformations and integrations, handling formats like CSV, JSON, XML, and proprietary binary formats commonly used in scientific instruments.

3. System Administration for Research Computing

Perl can automate and manage tasks in research computing environments, such as scheduling jobs on a compute cluster, monitoring resource usage, and managing file systems. It can glue together various system components, ensuring they work seamlessly to support scientific computation.

4. Legacy Scientific Software Integration

Many scientific research fields have legacy software components written in Perl or that provide Perl interfaces. Perl can be used to integrate these components with newer systems, preserving the value of previous investments in software development.

5. Automated Reporting and Visualization

Perl can be used to generate automated reports and visualizations from scientific data. By gluing together data extraction, analysis, and reporting tools, Perl scripts can produce regular, up-to-date reports or visualizations of ongoing scientific research or experiments.

Limitations to Consider

While Perl is useful in these areas, it's essential to consider its limitations. The ecosystem around Perl, particularly in scientific computing, may not be as vibrant as it once was, with many new developments occurring in other languages like Python. Therefore, while Perl remains a powerful tool for certain tasks, its role in new scientific software projects might be more limited compared to its peak usage times.

In conclusion, Perl's role as glue in scientific component-based software engineering is well established, particularly in areas where text processing and legacy system integration are paramount. However, the choice to use Perl should be balanced with considerations about the current and future needs of the project, as well as the availability of skills and community support.

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Class library for rapid development

Changes for 1.215 - 2024-03-28

  • Quiq::Confluence::Client
  • Quiq::Database::Connection
  • Quiq::Hash
  • Quiq::Path
  • Quiq::PhotoStorage
  • Quiq::Url

Raspberry Pi GPIO Perl Modules

Changes for 0.92

  • Build failures in 0.91 distribution

Simplified abstracted chained DBI subclass

Changes for 1.15 - 2024-03-28T12:26:27-07:00

  • Carp SQL parsing errors
  • Ignore reserved words SQL parse errors when not specifying an explicit dialect
  • Add abstract() method
  • Move parsed query cache to the connection object (instead of global)

Generate complete SQL from Perl data structures

Changes for 1.09 - 2024-03-28T12:22:27-07:00

  • Slightly better handling of columns in get()

Tied objects

Changes for 0.11 - 2024-03-28

  • Ensure any passed index takes precedents over the auto generated index

create diffs between HTTP requests

Changes for 0.05 - 2024-03-28

  • We use the postderef feature also in tests
  • Use features of URI in a backwards compatible way

Easy to use REPL with existing lexical support and DWIM tab completion.

Changes for 0.16

  • 2024-03-28
  • No longer expanding escaped variable in quotes.

A system for running Zonemaster tests asynchronously through an RPC-API

Changes for v11.1.1 - 2024-03-28

  • Fixes

simple OBS API calls

Changes for 0.1.2 - 2024-03-27

  • added Net::OBS::LWP::UserAgent with 'mirror' method
  • multiple configuration parameters for Net::OBS::SigAuth

Colored echo command using ANSI terminal sequence

Changes for 1.08 - 2024-03-28T09:56:23Z

  • use charnames ':loose', which requires perl 5.16

The Perl and Raku Conference (formerly known as YAPC::NA) is going strong! This year, we are celebrating 25 years, our silver anniversary, in the Silver State, Nevada! The main conference will be in Las Vegas on June 25-27, but there will be hackathons and possibly classes on the day before and the day after the conference (June 24th and 28th), so please consider joining us for the whole week!

The backbone of this conference has always been our tracks of "traditional" talks by community members and what we have come to call the "Hallway Track" the informal exchange of ideas and camaraderie that sparks new projects and fuels collaboration.

This year, we are pleased also to host the presentation of Papers and Posters accepted by the Science Perl Journal!

Registration is open, so your ticket can now be purchased.

Talk submissions are still open, and we are seeking proposals on a wide variety of subjects. This includes language features, personal projects, applications like Koha, and anything that may be of general interest to Perl and Raku programmers. (We had juggling and origami in the past. Fun!)

Speakers who are approved for a talk, paper, or poster will receive a free ticket to the event. The submission deadline is April 5th at 8pm EST, so please send us your submissions soon!

We are planning some special activities during the conference to celebrate our rich 25-year history.

Go now to to check out what is planned and to book a room (see link to Alexis Park Resort under "Location"). Rooms start at only $75 per night, so it’s worth booking early!

The best way to register for the conference is at

Thanks, TPRC Admins

submitted by /u/nahthanxx
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Read environment variables from .env file

Changes for 0.011 - 2024-03-27T22:13:20+02:00

  • Allow reading files recursively.

create diffs between HTTP requests

Changes for 0.04 - 2024-03-27

  • We use the postderef feature

create OpenAPI documentation of your application

Changes for 1.0.2 - 2024-03-27


Tags helper for gradient evaluation.

Changes for 0.03 - 2024-03-27T17:18:08+01:00

  • API Change: Change 'height' and 'width' parameters to CSS unit.
  • Remove obsolete module use in test.
  • Remove usage of Tags::Output::Raw.
  • Rename example files to better names.
  • Update Module::Install to 1.21 version.
  • Update copyright years.

Multidimensional binning & histogramming

Changes for 0.028 - 2024-03-27T15:55:32+00:00

  • update requirement to Test::PDL 0.20 which handles badvals correctly

Tags helper for CPAN::Changes object.

Changes for 0.03 - 2024-03-27T16:29:45+01:00

  • Add test of constructor.
  • Fix minimal dependency to Tags::HTML.

Does anybody know what happened with the package Catalyst::Plugin::FormValidator, why it was removed from cpan?

submitted by /u/ruzhnikov
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SPVM Language

Changes for 0.989094 - 2023-03-26

  • Internal Changes
  • Bug Fix
  • Incompatible Changes