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A module for parsing, analyzing, and manipulating LaTeX documents.

Changes for 1.06 - 2023-03-30
  • Merged development version to stable.


post a status to Mastodon

Changes for 0.04 - 2023-03-30
  • Fix path cleanup for 00_load.t
  • Add .github dir to MANIFEST.SKIP


automate the Chrome browser

Changes for 0.70 - 2023-03-30
  • Move tests from Test::More::isn::t to Test::More::isnt
  • Remove usage of ->@* for compatibility with earlier versions of Perl


A standalone authoring tool for Module::Build::Tiny

Changes for 0.038 - 2023-03-30T17:07:59Z
  • Add --jobs argument to mbtiny test
  • Also allow module name as mint argument
  • mkdir 't' during mint


Various checker utilities to help with Processed Food Registration (RPO - Registrasi Pangan Olahan) at BPOM

Changes for 0.011 - 2023-03-16
  • [bugfix] A line of code was accidentally deleted causing PDF type check to always fail.


Default value rules related to paths

Changes for 0.004 - 2023-03-30
  • First release, moved Data::Sah::Value:😛erl:😛ath::filenames from Data-Sah-DefaultValue.
  • [incompatible change] [perl rule Path::filenames] Rename argument 'recursive' to 'recurse', 'include' to 'include_name_pattern', 'exclude' to 'exclude_name_pattern'.
  • [perl rule Path::filenames] Add arguments 'include_type', 'exclude_type'.


Various checker utilities to help with Processed Food Registration (RPO - Registrasi Pangan Olahan) at BPOM

Changes for 0.012 - 2023-03-30
  • Adjust to Data::Sah::Value:😛erl:😛ath::filenames 0.004.


Default-value rules for Data::Sah

Changes for 0.003 - 2023-03-30
  • Move Path::filenames default value rule to Data-Sah-ValueBundle-Path.


A PKCS11 interface for Perl

Changes for 0.003 - 2023-03-30T16:55:10+02:00
  • Add refcounting to provider
  • Store provider object in magic for thread safety.


Processing PYX data or file and print histogram.

Changes for 0.07 - 2023-03-30T15:48:16+02:00
  • Move bugtracker to github.
  • Regen META.yml file.


Memory process reporting.

Changes for 0.05 - 2023-03-30T15:44:51+02:00
  • Add names for example files.
  • Fix Makefile.PL for new version of Perl and no default »use lib '.'«.
  • Fix repository url.
  • Improve LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT section in doc.
  • Rewrite doc to use =head2.
  • Rewrite tests from IO::CaptureOutput to Capture::Tiny.
  • Sort methods in SYNOPSIS section in doc.
  • Update author name.
  • Update copyright years.
  • Update Module::Install to 1.19 version.


Routines to help calculate Indonesian income tax article 21 (PPh pasal 21)

Changes for 0.066 - 2023-03-30
  • Add K/I/0 .. K/I/3 statuses.
  • [doc] Mention PP 55/2022, add notes about laws.


Routines to help calculate Indonesian income tax article 21 (PPh pasal 21)

Changes for 0.067 - 2023-03-30
  • [ux] Set default year to current year.


General purpose command option wrapper

Changes for v0.6 - 2023-03-30T11:24:42Z
  • Implement -Mutil::argv::filter() interface.


Processing PYX data or file and print histogram.

Changes for 0.06 - 2023-03-30T12:53:11+02:00
  • Add names for example files.
  • Rewrite doc to use =head2.
  • Rewrite usage in tests from IO::CaptureOutput to Capture::Tiny.
  • Update copyright years.


extensible grep with lexical expression and region handling

Changes for 9.04 - 2023-03-30T08:40:34Z
  • Fix --select option behavior:


Perl class for video generation.

Changes for 0.10 - 2023-03-30T10:30:48+02:00
  • Add names for example files.
  • Remove obsolete dependency to IO::CaptureOutput.
  • Rewrite POD methods to use =head2.
  • Rewrite some constants to named constants.
  • Update copyright years.


CallBackery is a Mojolicious+Qoodoo Framework for building Web Applications

Changes for 0.45.0 - 2023-03-30T09:13:03Z
  • new widget attribute spellcheck which allows to enable spellcheckers like languagetool in textareas or normal text widets


Find and verify functionality of the gnuplot executable.

Changes for 1.042 - 2023-03-30
  • Update Gnuplot 5.4.6 URI for second release of Windows binaries. GH#13.


Gnuplot-based plotting for PDL

Changes for 2.024 - 2023-03-30
  • Add Alien::Gnuplot as a configure-time dependency. Fixes #92 - thanks @zmughal


Perl extension to access a variety of generic and specific GPIB devices, via a number of supported GPIB interfaces.

Changes for 1.0 - 2023-03-30
  • Integrated with much previously existing code, ready for publication on CPAN.


A Foreign Function Interface eXtension

Changes for 0.11 - 2023-03-30T02:50:47Z
  • Support for WChar
  • Rough, basic support for mangled symbols:
  • Expose dcNewCallVM( ... ) size variable


Command-line utilities related to PDF files

Changes for 0.015 - 2023-02-10
  • Add utility: convert-epub-to-pdf (epub2pdf).


Build and install Perl modules

Changes for 0.42_33
  • PodParser now respects =encoding directives
  • Don't use libraries in t/bundled for Build.PL
  • make_tarball: workaround for broken tar on Darwin
  • Respect $Config{man1ext}/$Config{man3ext}
  • Do not require a compiler if c_source is an empty list

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