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Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files

Changes for 3.025 - 2023-01-19
  • many thanks to Amtivo Group for sponsoring this work! see INFO/SPONSORS for more information lib/PDF/Builder/Content/, examples/README, examples/examples_output, examples/ (new), MANIFEST, tools/ Add column() function to Content::Text, to support markup (none, Markdown, and HTML) in arbitrary columns. Note that PDF::Table will also support column(), but only when using PDF::Builder.
  • lib/PDF/, lib/PDF/Builder/ (new), examples/README, examples/examples_output, examples/ (new), MANIFEST, tools/ Add a Font Manager to be able to select a font simply by giving the "face" and whether bold and/or italics are to be used. The actual font setting (with font size) is still done with $text->font($font, $size), but instead of having to explicitly create (or reuse) a $font, that part is all handled for you. It does not depend on any OS-provided font manager libraries (such as Linux provides, but Windows does not). Except for the core fonts, your application has to specify the base font and the files to use for italic, bold, etc.
  • end of sponsored work
  • lib/PDF/, lib/PDF/Builder/ Update "font path" in Builder, make use of it in Font Manager. Note that at this time, only makes use of the global font path settings (font_path() method). All other code, examples, and t tests give full paths to font files. At some point in the future, this may be changed, but the problem is that Linux and other non-Windows systems seem to store their font files all over the place, and even Windows is consistent only for TrueType files (it doesn't ship with any Type1 or other format fonts). Note that if you wish to modify the default font path list, you need to edit
  • lib/PDF/Builder/, examples/042_links, examples/, examples/examples.output; MANIFEST, 040_annotation.pdf (new), examples/resources/HarfBuzz_example.pdf (removed) Remove the output of HarfBuzz Shaper's example from examples/resources (examples/resources/HarfBuzz_example.pdf), as this file is now available on the CTS website (Examples/PDF/Builder/HarfBuzz.pdf) and substitute a much smaller PDF, the output from 040_annotation, as the PDF sample for 042_links. This will cut the package size of PDF::Builder by about half! References to HarfBuzz_example.pdf as a sample to look at (should you not be able to run due to HarfBuzz::Shaper not being installed) have been updated to refer to the CTS website examples.
  •, LICENSE, lib/PDF/, examples/ Change copyright to 2023.
  • META.json, META.yml Remove "provides" entries because 1) they do not seem to survive the packaging process, 2) no one seems to be able to state what this inform- ation is actually used for -- I see something vague about "search", and 3) how do I make "provides" entries that are better at doing whatever they're supposed to do better than what CPAN does by default? Also, there may be a META_ADD provides that I'm supposed to add to Makefile.PL, but again, documentation is quite scarce. I think I'll just ignore the whole "provides" thing until there's good documentation on it.
  •, Makefile.PL, META.json, META.yml, tools/, t/00-all-usable.t, lib/PDF/, MANIFEST No longer automatically install Graphics::TIFF, Image:😛NG::Libpng, and HarfBuzz::Shaper. This should lighten the installation and testing load on users, if they do not plan to use TIFF or PNG images, or do text shaping. Also list the new prerequisites for markup processing (HTML::TreeBuilder, Text::Markdown). no longer needed and has been removed from the distribution.
  • xt/author-critic.t, xt/author-pod-syntax.t, MANIFEST, tools/ Move a couple of specialty t tests from t/ to xt/
  • lib/PDF/Builder/Content/ Add ability to split a word on Required Blanks (non-breaking spaces), as a last-ditch way to do basic hyphenation. Add ability to split a word to fit a given width (regardless of where the split ends up), as an even more last-ditch way.
  • lib/PDF/ Per PDF::API2 change, allow 'Times' as an alias for core font 'Times-Roman'. This was also done for 'corefont()', as well as the original 'font()'. A warning is given if Times is used. Also, change 'die' on errors to 'croak'.
  • INFO/RoadMap, examples/020_corefonts Add discussion of /StructTreeRoot, remove Bank Gothic examples from core fonts (it appears to be just a partial alias for some other sans-serif font).
  • LICENSE remove superfluous "59" from FSF address in license. From PDF::API2 #59.
  • lib/PDF/ open_page() clarify that default index is last page.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/ Fix glitch in $pdf->viewer_preferences() for non-full-screen-page-mode. From PDF::API2 #50.
  • lib/PDF/ Fix page mode "SinglePage" unsupported. From PDF::API2 #49.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/ Add documentation reminding users of rotation problems when using a crop box or other clipping. From PDF::API2 #58.
  • lib/PDF/ Add checks to page() method to see if the application is attempting to add a new page number that is too negative (more than one before the existing first page) or too positive (beyond the existing last page). The index value (page number) is clamped to be within possible values, with a warning. Ref: #190.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/, lib/PDF/, t/named-destinations.t, t/042_links Remove new PDF::API2-style location+args interfaces, as I don't like the way they work, and that they are not backwards compatible with the old methods. Unfortunately, this may break any application changed (or recently written) to use the new PDF::API2 2.043 interfaces. If the new location+args list notation were to be used, only if the number of args was even could this be detected. An odd number of args, plus the location string, would be indistinguishable from a hash list, one of which may follow (as options) the location+args list. Ref: #190.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/Resource/CIDFont/TrueType/ Typo fixed.
#58 #59 #50 #49 #190


Framework SIP (Voice Over IP, RFC3261)

Changes for 0.834 - 2023-01-03
  • #61 from pali/leg-peer-socket fix Leg creation with TCP
  • #56 from qunifi/catch-null-s2p ignore empty packets used for keepalive
  • #62 from pali/eventloop-timer fix eventloop when select was interrupted by signal, fixes #58
  • fix #53 handling of auth information in user2pass
#61 #56 #62 #58 #53