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Perl Data Language

Changes for 2.085_02 - 2024-03-25

  • PP add loop(n=value) idiom to start not at 0
  • add whichover, inspired by
  • random/randsym only produce real data
  • fix dataflow when vaffine ndarray is between modified and downstream (#461) - thanks @vadim-160102 for continued reporting
  • revert the use of ArgOrder for PDL::Ops so op($a,$b,$c,$swap) works again as pre 2.082_01
  • error on inflating output ndarrays over dims sized 1 or implicit (promoted) or dummy, as is undefined behaviour
  • make HdrCode and FtrCode run when PMCode supplied (#463) - thanks @jo-37 for suggestion
  • PP add CHeader key
  • OtherPars can now be incomplete arrays of char*
  • make typemaps able to use more Perl ones like T_HVREF - thanks @jo-37
  • removed threadover_n alias since not used elsewhere and broadcastover{,_n} interface adjusted to move mandatory to start
  • add ccumu{prod,sum}over in complex double precision
  • setdims on ndarray with trans_parent (i.e. flowing) now an error
  • set(..., $multi_elt) now an error (#466) - thank @djerius for report
  • convert can work inplace (by using set_datatype)
  • flowing convert of ndarrays preserves badvalues that are NaN
  • PDL_ISBAD2 macro
  • lvalue {un,}broadcast
  • set_datatype now errors if has trans_children, as trans-es have a datatype
  • per-ndarray badvalues (which are PDL_Anyval) now constrained to be same type as ndarray
#461 #463 #466