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define functions and methods with parameter lists ("subroutine signatures")

Changes for 2.002003 - 2023-04-19
  • Fix line numbers after inlined type checks (gh #42). Previously, the code for type checks was inlined literally, so if a particular check took 5 lines of code, all the following line numbers in the source file would be off by 5 (they would be "pushed down" by the interpolated code). These bad line numbers would show up in error messages from Perl (including warn and die) as well as __LINE__ and caller (and thus stack traces).


Simple, transparent data interface, with caching

Changes for 0.22 - 2023-02-01T05:14:13Z
  • Clear %Handle cache if dbh is set to undef #42
  • Skip fork test on win32 #41
#42 #41