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A lyrics and chords formatting program

Changes for 6.010 - 2023-06-05

  • !ChordPro functionality
  • Allow line continuation for input lines using a backslash.
  • Allow define chord "|" in config.
  • Allow graceful handling of rootless chords.
  • Allow simple markup in chords. Yes, this includes grid chords.
  • Add flags for preprocessor pattern replacements.
  • Allow image scale as a percentage.
  • Experimental: Absolute placement for images.
  • Experimental: Diagram control in {define}.
  • Remove from config.
  • !BugFixes
  • Add Pod::Usage to required modules. Some distros seem to have removed it from the core.
  • Add jpeg library to MacOS kit.
  • Add some missing files for docs building.
  • Fix root relocation when transcoding to a movable system.
  • Fix missing parser in {define XX} without frets etc.
  • Fix forum 1696 (chord recall with trans{code,pose}).
  • Fix issue #269 (problem with page labels).
  • Fix issue #270 (PDF outlines issues, 'letter' setting).
  • Fix issue #273 (PDF CreationDate string is not conformant, but PDF::API2 2.042+ rejects conformant strings).
#270 #269 #273

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Changes for 1.56 - 2023-05-29T14:56:23-07:00

  • Replaced with - Issue #269