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A Perl implementation of the OpenTelemetry standard

Changes for 0.020 - 2024-04-25T18:54:56+01:00

  • Switch LWP::UserAgent integration to wrap around that module's 'simple_request' method instead of its 'request' method. This should catch some more cases, and fix GH #13.
  • Added a minimal example application. See the `examples` directory in the distribution files.

An implementation of the OpenTelemetry SDK for Perl

Changes for 0.022 - 2024-04-19T11:46:54+01:00

  • Do not call start on the background function in the batch span processor, this is handled automatically by the loop (GH #13)

A health check for your code

Changes for v1.9.1 - 2024-04-03T19:45:46Z

  • Update README (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
  • Pull request #13: Patch SM-4775 fixed typo bug and added test (Austin Hill)
  • SM-4775 use default sort comparison (Austin Hill)
  • SM-4775 fixed typo bug and added test (Austin Hill)

parse XLSX files

Changes for 0.34 - 2024-03-13

  • Merge pull request #13 from nrdvana/master
  • Fix memory leak between Sheet and Cell, and related to XML::Twig
  • Unit test to verify workbook garbage collection

Maintain and serve a REST API to search PGXN mirrors

Changes for 0.20.1 - 2024-02-15T22:18:14Z

  • Fixed a bug where a testing extension's version and abstract was not properly indexed when there was no stable extension (and also unstable would not be indexed if there was no testing).
  • Fixed a bug where a user's JSON file was not updated for a testing release when there were no previous stable releases, or for an unstable release when there wer not previous testing releases.
  • The indexer now recognizes plain text files ending in `.txt` or `.text` as documentation files to be indexed. They're parsed by the default Text::Markup::None parser, which wraps their contents in a `<pre>` block (#13).

Common Neo4j type system

Changes for 2.00 - 2023-11-21

  • Add ByteArray, DateTime, and Duration types. (GH #15, #17)
  • Define methods and behaviour for the Neo4j 5 element ID. (GH #13)
  • Specify previously undefined behaviour. (GH #1, #11, #14)
  • Expand the implementor guidance for driver authors and separate it from the type definitions aimed at users.
  • Separate generic type implementations from the type definitions.
  • Offer test tools to help driver authors with conforming to these types.
  • Raise minimum required version of Perl to v5.10.1.
#15 #14 #1 #11 #17 #13

RE2 regex engine

Changes for 0.18 - 2023-06-19

  • Fix on perl >= 5.38 (issue #15)
  • Fix re->nparens signess warning (PR #13)
#15 #13


Asynchronous redis client using hiredis and EV

Changes for 0.06 - 2023-04-25T22:39:28Z
  • support of hiredis connect/command timeouts (#13)
  • drop support of Perl 5.10 (#14)
#14 #13