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Class to Kramerius v4+ API.

Changes for 0.02 - 2023-11-26T14:57:16+01:00

  • Add META.json to MANIFEST file.
  • Add hack for ALTO content type.
  • Add tests for WebService::Kramerius::API4::Struct.
  • Fix description section in doc.
  • Fix Makefile.PL fails with no '.' in @INC.
  • Implement much better structured API classes.
  • Move bugtracker to github.
  • Obsolete WebService::Kramerius::API4 API.
  • Remove WebService::Kramerius::API4::Struct API.
  • Rename example files to better names.
  • Rewrite to List::Util.
  • Update Module::Install to 1.21 version.
  • Update author github username.
  • Update copyright years.