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I am working with the IP::Geolocation::MMDB module which replaces the deprecated modules for GeoIP databases.

I am having trouble understanding how to extract data.

my $ip = ""; my $db = IP::Geolocation::MMDB->new(file => "$geolitecitydb"); my $geodata = $db->record_for_address($ip); print Dumper($geodata); 

Using Data::Dumper as above to show the results, I see something like (truncated):
Dumper...........$VAR1 = { 'continent' => { 'geoname_id' => 6255149, 'names' => { 'de' => 'Nordamerika', 'es' => "Norteam\x{e9}rica", 'zh-CN' => "\x{5317}\x{7f8e}\x{6d32}", 'ru' => "\x{421}\x{435}\x{432}\x{435}\x{440}\x{43d}\x{430}\x{44f} \x{410}\x{43c}\x{435}\x{440}\x{438}\x{43a}\x{430}", 'fr' => "Am\x{e9}rique du Nord", 'ja' => "\x{5317}\x{30a2}\x{30e1}\x{30ea}\x{30ab}", 'en' => 'North America', 'pt-BR' => "Am\x{e9}rica do Norte" }, 'code' => 'NA' 

Supposing I just want to grab the value of continent=>names=>en portion (value: 'North America') and write it to a value -- how would I do this? I'm having problems understanding the documentation I'm reading to deal with hashes of hashes.

Most examples I can find online involve looping through all of this; but in my case, I just want to make $somevar = 'North America.' I'd like to repeat it for other data as well, which is returned in this hash.

It feels like something like:

$geodata{city=>names=>en} should work, but it doesn't.

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