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I need some help with the old Perl Gunnar Hjalmarsson's Ringlink program on my site. The forms work, the database gets added to and everything seems ready to go except for the email functions that depend on sendmail.

I have tried several things, installed the CPAN dependencies the program needs, tried Auron SendEmail and other programs and have thoroughly confused myself.

There's a test installation on my site, with the admin and password are both 'test'. There are copies of the CGI files and probably what needs looking at are, and

I am running Apache 2.4.54 on Windows 10 with Strawberry Perl installed. I am using the last published version Ringlink (v3.4)

I know this is an old program and the project probably not worth pursuing, but I really would like to give this a go to get it working and would be grateful for any suggestions.

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