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Asking for a friend. No really, I don't use VSCode but I know that a lot of people do and in one week I had two different people ask me this. I didn't see anything in the Visual Studio Marketplace. I'm looking for something like markdown-preview enhanced, but for Pod.

If you don't have that, is it something that you would want?

If it's something you want, would you throw in some money to have it? This isn't something I'd do myself, but I know some people with some free time who could use a little money. I could crowdfund it or whatever. The intent is to have something free in the Marketplace.

Would you care if it's not implemented in Perl? If it was JS or whatever VSCode prefers but does the job, that's fine with me (and remember I don't use VSCode). I have no idea how much that matters, but I'd hate for people to have to do all sorts of crazy setup, which for many people is installing anything from CPAN.

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