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Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files

Changes for 3.026 - 2023-12-07

  • lib/PDF/Builder/Content/, examples/ Add HTML "reversed" (boolean) to <ol> tag to count down instead of up (needs "start" value to make any sense).
  • lib/PDF/Builder/ Add some POD notes about the use of charspace for tracking adjustments, and the interaction with wordspace adjustments for a more balanced appearance of justified text.
  • devtools/ A collection of various utilities I use to build PDF::Builder (the CPAN package), as well as do the PHP conversion of HTML code for the web page display of documentation (see Note that (to build all the HTML files from POD) is already shipped with the package. Further note that tools/ (Perl Critic) will complain a LOT about the code in devtools/ ... maybe some day I'll get around to cleaning it up.
  • (many .pm files), META.yml, Makefile.PL,, docs/, t/00-all-usable.t, tools/, version Cleanup of POD so that unordered/bulleted lists, ordered/numbered lists, definition/description lists, and indented paragraphs are properly handled upon conversion to HTML. Change optional POD-to-HTML generation from the old pod2html to Pod::Simple:đŸ€HTML.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/ The linedash() method was not properly handling a restore of a saved dash pattern, resulting in PDF "dash pattern" values that could be unusable by a Reader.
  • lib/PDF/, lib/PDF/Builder/, lib/PDF/Builder/Content/, t/03-xrefstm-index.t Continuing Issue #197, clean up handling of newly-created PDF object in from_string() method (used by open() method). Also knock-on effects on some t-tests.
  • lib/PDF/Basic/PDF/ Issue #203 a new page was being inserted in the wrong place. Thanks to Vadim Repin for finding a "one off" index error that's apparently been there for at least a decade, and the fix.
  • lib/PDF/, lib/PDF/Builder/Basic/PDF/ Improve upon the Integrity Check, acknowledging that missing objects might be hidden in an object stream. The open() function was also sometimes seeing a class reference rather than a pure class, which has been fixed. See issue #196 and especially #197.
  • lib/PDF/, lib/PDF/Builder/, examples/060_transparency, INFO/KNOWN_INCOMP, tools/ Remove ability to generate save() ("q") and restore() ("Q") while in a text object. If attempted in text, it is now a no-op with a one-time (per run) warning message reminding users to update their code NOT to attempt save and restore in text mode. This was prompted by PDF::TableX t-tests using text save and restore, which isn't permitted by the PDF definition. Updated one PDF::Builder example that (unnecessarily) did a save/restore in text mode. Thanks to Vadim Repin for troubleshooting this and determining the problem and fix. While in here, make the warning message that a request for 'Times' core font is changed to 'Times-Roman' a one-time (per run) output, rather than every time.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/, INFO/DEPRECATED, t/deprecations-page.t Obsolete and deprecated methods get_mediabox(), get_cropbox(), get_bleedbox(), get_trimbox(), and get_artbox() have been removed. Please use the regular methods (in $pdf or $page) with no arguments, to retrieve the current box values.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/Resource/XObject/, INFO/DEPRECATED Deprecate Image object methods width() and height() ability to SET the width and height of an image. This setting apparently has never worked properly, but in case someone is actually using it for some purpose, it has not been immediately removed. It is planned to be removed after October, 2025, unless someone shows that they are using it.
  • (most .pm files) Reformat POD to make navigation easier, including the listing of all user- accessible methods in a POD's Table of Contents at the top.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/, lib/PDF/Resource/XObject/Form/, lib/PDF/Builder/, INFO/DEPRECATED, examples/021_psfonts, t/content-deprecated.t, t/deprecations.t Remove long-deprecated method and global variable "lead". Use "leading" instead, which is the correct typographical term. Although the "Lite" subpackage isn't really maintained, "textlead()" has been replaced by "textleading()".
  • lib/PDF/Builder/Basic/PDF/, /lib/PDF/Builder/Basic/PDF/, INFO/DEPRECATED, t/deprecations.t Remove long-deprecated method "elementsof()" in favor of "elements()". Remove long-deprecated method "removeobj()" in favor of "remove_element()".
  •, Makefile.PL, META.yml, META.json, lib/PDF/, examples/ Minimum Perl version changed from 5.24 to 5.26. Update list of expected end-of-service against various Perl versions.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/ Clarify description of "bogen()" method's "larger" and "reverse" options.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/, lib/PDF/Builder/Content/ Implement 'align' option for text() left/center/right, l/c/r.
  •, examples/020_textunderline Add pointer to README to online documentation, and clarify underline example (that first text is NOT underlined).
  • lib/PDF/ Clarify documentation on page_labels() versus pageLabel(), add code to check differences in starting page index and form of options, in response to PDF::API2 Issue #61.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/Content/ A number of minor fixes: explicitly make paragraph <p> a block level, any pending margin-bottom at the end of a column (if ran out of input) should be accounted for in the returned $start_y.
  • INFO/ (new),, MANIFEST Add acknowledgements and thanks.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/Basic/PDF/Filter/ Revert an earlier change that broke some filtering.
  • Update to point to new PDF::Builder Home Page structure (on
  • t/info.t Add test of modified() method.
  • lib/PDF/ Incorrect check on date format (missing last '). Reported by Johan Vromans against PDF::API2 #62. The _is_date() method has been updated to reflect a number of date/time formats found "in the wild", although the PDF documentation is a bit inconsistent over time, as well as ambiguous, so this may allow through some invalid formats.
  • lib/PDF/, examples/050_pagelabels Fix an incompatibility with PDF::API2 recent changes (page_labels method). Now starts page index (for page_labels) at 1 instead of 0, and warns if 0 page index (page number) is given for page_labels (per API2 ticket #61). The old pageLabel method, kept for compatibility, is unaffected. The example script has been updated to show both styles.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/Content/ Make paragraph() method compatible with PDF::API2's, i.e., $continue parameter is optional. It should make no difference in calls to paragraph whether there is a fourth parameter (continue) before the options. This incompatibility showed up in PDF::TableX t-tests.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/ Full writeup of what's supported for markup input (Markdown, HTML).
  • tools/, examples/020_corefonts, examples/021_synfonts, examples/023_cjkfonts Add -s flag to run a small subset of the lengthy test list for three of the examples, plus overall when running all examples.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/, lib/PDF/Builder/Resource/ Clean up some typos preventing synfont t-test from running.
  • lib/PDF/, lib/PDF/Builder/Resource/ It has come to our attention (#193) that PDF Readers (Adobe Reader and a number of Third Party readers) do not properly handle the "Tw" operator with TrueType fonts. Other font types work as expected. This operator, set by the $text->wordspace(n) method, is ignored for TTF and OTF fonts ($pdf->ttfont()) because Tw works only for inputs in the stream where words are separated by ASCII spaces (x20). TrueType fonts, on the other hand, uses an input list of glyph IDs (4 digit hex numbers). Thus, there are never any ASCII spaces to detect and adjust their widths.
  • lib/PDF/Builder/Content/ When linking to a page via Markdown or HTML (URL #p-x-y), the default zoom was 1 (100%) when given just the x and y coordinates on a page. This has been changed to leave the zoom factor unchanged by default (unless, of course, you choose to specify a zoom amount). Also, the thickness (height) of the horizontal rule defaulted to 1pt, which was a bit heavy in appearance. It has been changed to default to 0.5pt.
  • lib/PDF/ GD image call was not working in some circumstances, due to image_gd() being called incorrectly. Reported and fixed by Hakon Hagland against PDF::API2 (#60).
  • lib/PDF/Builder/Resource/Font/, lib/PDF/Builder/, examples/021_psfonts, t/font-type1.t Update Type 1 font (PS font) handling to allow T1 fonts (.t1 filetype, variant of .afm/.pfm). Also some new font paths to search on. Per request #194 from Red Hat packager (@ppisar).
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE ===== lib/PDF/, lib/PDF/Builder/, lib/PDF/Builder/Resource/Font/ Adobe has announced an end to support for Type 1 (Postscript/T1) fonts in its products. The announcement wordings are a bit vague, sometimes referring to "all products" and other times just to "authoring software". Presumably, Adobe PDF Readers (as well as Readers supplied by other parties) will continue to display PDFs with Type 1 fonts for quite some time, although this is by no means absolutely certain. Note that this does NOT mean that PDF::Builder or other Third Party authoring tools may not continue to support Type 1 fonts. This termination by Adobe of support of a now old and obsolete font format does not affect the use of PDF::Builder for authoring PDFs, nor is it binding on other non-Adobe readers and authoring tools. However, using Adobe products for editing of PDFs with Type 1 fonts, and possibly of displaying them, may soon no longer be possible. At any rate, users may want to consider starting to move away from Type 1 font usage (psfont), and switch to TTF/OTF (ttfont) or even core fonts (corefont), as it is unknown how long Type 1 Reader support will continue.
#61 #62 #60 #197 #203 #194 #196 #193 #p-x-y