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I need to find the distance between two GPS coordinates. Geo::Calc does this effectively, but it hasn't been updated in over a decade, and, more seriously, it adds a significant startup delay just by loading the module:

root@1c8fb16bd7bb:/app# time perl -e 'use v5.38' real 0m0.005s user 0m0.001s sys 0m0.004s root@1c8fb16bd7bb:/app# time perl -e 'use v5.38; use Geo::Calc' real 0m0.679s user 0m0.631s sys 0m0.048s 

This isn't a deal-breaker (honestly, it barely matters at all in production, but it's annoying for repeated loads during dev/testing), but I was wondering if anyone knew of a more-modern/more-efficient alternative. I searched google and metacpan but it's tough to wade through the noise for such a generic search term.

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