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I have been using version 5.22.1 for years, and it did what I needed to do. After all these years, I need some additional functionality, so I thought installing the latest might help.

Which is when I found that ActiveState has changed the installation process totally. Anyway, I went through the installation of the "recommended" version, and installation seemed to go fine.

I then ran the following simple code through both versions.

use HTTP::Tiny; my $url ='' ; my $response = HTTP::Tiny->new->get($url); print $response->{content}; 

Version 5.22.1 runs this fine and gives me the HTML of the page.
Version 5.36.3 gives me the following errors;

IO::Socket::SSL 1.42 must be installed for https support
Net::SSLeay 1.49 must be installed for https support

When I use the old ppm command for Version 5.22.1, it gives me a list of 271 packages installed.

When I used the new "state" command: "state packages", it showed nothing.

So I used "state" to "install" IO-Socket-SSL, and Net-SSLeay, and now those are the only two that show up in the "state packages" list.

But it did not change functionality. The error messages are still there, and no execution.

It doesn't complain about HTTP::Tiny.

I tried installing Strawberry. But it had a problem with a more complex part of my original project, so I went back to ActiveState 5.22.1, which works fine.

Anybody got any ideas about what I need to do to get 5.36.3 actually working?

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