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Visual Exploration of Perl Camel at TPRC 24 ConferenceI was lucky enough to attend the perl and raku conference this year and had a great time meeting lots of awesome people.

I am primarily a designer by trade but do code as well. At the conference, I explored a number of original depictions of the perl camel for fun and this one was my favorite. The idea was to bring a strikingly modern feel to the Perl Camel. Loose inspiration for this symbol is code llama and p****n. This design exploration felt like my way to hack something during the conference!

The idea behind this simple symbol is that it could work nicely at very small sizes while still being visually clear. The font is a free open-source display font called Jaro. the first image was also a concept of placing "Perl" in the camel symbol to strengthen the association between the "perl" and the camel symbol as this may be helpful for new developers. I could spend much more time on this but thought I would share!

Love it? Hate it? Let me know what you think (especially if you like it)

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