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I am moving a pile of stuff off of an older Intel Mac Mini onto an M2. Have almost everything migrated, but am stuck on getting a Perl script that relies heavily on DBD::mysql to work. I finally got cpan to build the module, but when I try to use it in actual code, I get: dyld[82852]: missing symbol called. I go through this mess periodically with OS upgrades...and it's possible that this is (once again) OSX ignoring the module because it's not signed. But the given error sounds more like Perl not finding the dynamic library(s) the module was built with...if I just have a script containing "use DBD::mysql;", that doesn't throw an error, which suggests Perl found the module and loaded it. But chokes when it tries to use it.

I'd be fine with building this module with static libraries, if the process of doing so is easy. But have not seen an easy option to cpan to go that route. Suggestions?

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