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This is the frame body I was using:

our $frame_body = $mw->Frame(-background => $color_theme_bg, -foreground => $color_theme_fg)->pack(-side => 'top'); 

And I have many widgets like labels, dropdowns, buttons, etc... within that frame like below:
 $frame_body ->Label( -text => "@_", -font => $arial_font, -foreground => $color_theme_fg, -background => $color_theme_bg, -highlightthickness => 0, -takefocus => 0, -relief => "flat", -justify => 'center', )-> grid( -column => $mw_col_ctr, -row => $mw_row_ctr, -sticky => "nsew", ); 

May someone help me the best way to apply a "vertical scroll bar" on the right side of this frame?

Its also nice if automatically adjust incase I manually resize the window. 😀

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