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JSON-based config with C/Shell-style comments, verbatim sections and variable substitutions

Changes for 0.03

  • -Added the ability for the user to use custom comment style by specifying an opening and, optionally, a closing comment string. By adding a new comment style: 'custom()()'. -Added the ability for the user to specify if comments within strings (keys or scalar string values in the JSON) should be retained or removed. By adding a new optional parameter 'remove-comments-in-strings' to sub 'config2perl()'. -Added the ability for the user to increase verbosity of sub 'config2perl()'. The verbatim sections are checked for templated variables but do not have any comments contained in them to be replaced. All comments in Verbatim Sections are now left as they are. -Added the ability for the user to select tags for denoting variables and verbatim sections, the default value is '<%' and '%>'. -Made documentation's SYNOPSIS clearer. -Added 'META_MERGE' key in Makefile.PL. -Added CI via github actions (thanks and