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I want to repeat a process for every key in a hash, with numeric keys. So there are 3 possibilities, with 3 if, and each one compares the value of the index of an array, so that if that position eq to "sp", "sp2" or "sp3" it will search in a document some value so then it can be printed. It doesn´t work and every times gives me only one value, i would like to get the values that correspond with the hash. For example the hash could be %grupos=(1,'A',2,'G',3,'J')

and the array @hibridaciones=("sp","sp2",sp3")

The document .txt (simplified) is:

HS0.32 CS0,77 CD0.62 CT0,59 C10,77 C20,62 C30,59 OS0.73 OD0,6 O10,73 O20,6 NS0.75

The code is:

open (covalencia,"<", "cov.txt") or die "$!\n"; print keys %grupos; keys %grupos; foreach my $z (keys %grupos) { print "\n$z\n"; if (@hibridaciones[my $z-1] eq “sp") { while (my $line = <covalencia>) { if ( $line=~/C1/) { $line =~s/C1//; $radio=$line; print "\n$radio"; } } } if (@hibridaciones[my $z-1] eq "sp2") { while (my $line = <covalencia>) { if ($line=~/C2/) { $line =~s/C2//; $radio=$line; print "\n$radio"; } } } if (@hibridaciones[my $z-1] eq "sp3") { while (my $line = <covalencia>) { if ($line=~/C3/) { $line =~s/C3//; $radio=$line; print "\n$radio"; } } } } close (covalencia);

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