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Changes for v0.1.1 - 2023-09-26T16:24:10Z

  • Improved documentation and added missing documentation in cpanapi
  • Implemented paging for cpanapi --favorite --recent
  • Corrected function favorite() in cpanapi
  • Improved method next() in Net::API::CPAN::List when no query has been set on the URI yet
  • Correcting a bug in function changes in cpanapi
  • Updated the method package() in Net::API::CPAN to account for the property 'version' in JSON sometimes having a value of 'undef'
  • Corrected build/ to change the method bugs in Net::API::CPAN:šŸ˜istribution
  • Updated the function _show_file() in cpanapi
  • Updated method release() in Net::API::CPAN for the endpoint /release/all_by_author with the issue of wrong arguments order now resolved