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The number of comments that are saying "you should look into tandem breakers" without noticing the tandem breaker that's already in the panel are amusing me.
is it possible to add a card or annotation to point it out in YouTube? Might stem the tide a little bit at least.

You’ve probably already tried to do this, haven’t you? 😅

Part two is done! Here's a link
finally got some more friends into your content!
Thanks. I am learning a lot from your videos, but my house has radiators. They were great when I first moved here. They seemed to save money, but now the price of gas has gone up and it doesn't seem so great anymore. Can you please talk about what options folks like me have? Obviously a heat pump water heater won't do any good for me. Maybe a solar water heater plumbed into the existing system?

Opening Day festivities have to start an hour before the game starts bc they introduce everyone for the team down to who cleans the toilets.

So unnecessary. #MLB #OpeningDay



calculate ingredient ratios

Changes for 0.02 - 2023-03-30
  • Add some examples of how to use this thing.


A module for parsing, analyzing, and manipulating LaTeX documents.

Changes for 1.06 - 2023-03-30
  • Merged development version to stable.

Fir der Amerkanish yiddin on der rosh hashanah fir baseball


post a status to Mastodon

Changes for 0.04 - 2023-03-30
  • Fix path cleanup for 00_load.t
  • Add .github dir to MANIFEST.SKIP

Ooh, the Rich libary for #python is something #perl should absolutely steal, er, take inspiration from.

That would be the foundation to use Textual, an amazing terminal app.
So basically Tickit then
@leonerd … with way better marketing on its landing page 😀
@pdcawley Yeah; doesn't easily support putting images on, so it's kinda hard to do any "lets show off some pretty pictures" stuff
@leonerd I mean, if you're in the know, the AUTHOR section combined with the SYNOPSIS tells you all you need to know 😀
@leonerd @pdcawley Also, it is possible to embed images in pod in a way metacpan will show them. For example:😁umper::GUI
@tobyink @pdcawley Sure you can write <img src=...> tags into the source but then you have to host the image files somewhere. That's always been the hard part.

It'd be lovely if one could just e.g. P<images/foo01.png> in the POD and it'd link to a file served right from the docs dist on itself
@leonerd @pdcawley In theory, you could use data: URLs. Being able to link to images in the distribution itself would be great though.
@tobyink @pdcawley I wouldn't want to spam giant `data::` URLs inside the very .pm files that users install into their /usr/lib; that's just a waste of space. To be honest I'm not entirely sure if they should even live in the Foo-Bar-v1.23.tar.gz files that users download off CPAN either.
@leonerd @tobyink it does rather make the case for a landing page on github (or wherever) with a rich README.(pod|md) and a Dist::Zilla or similar build step to put the stripped tarball into PAUSE, doesnt it?
@pdcawley @tobyink Perhaps so. I'm terrible at writing "advertising waffly words", especially to show off my own things. Do you have any suggestions on where I'd get some words from?
@leonerd @tobyink yeah, what's the cool stuff the library can do? what do the snippets of code in your SYNOPSIS look like when you run them? What itch were you scratching when you wrote it? How does it scratch that itch?

What does it do? What does that look like? How easy is it to do that?
@pdcawley @tobyink Sure; you're describing categories of wording that could be added. I struggle to actually write the words. What actual words should I actually write?
@leonerd @pdcawley @tobyink As a first pass, perhaps model it after what's in Obviously, anything that's in there which doesn't apply gets left out. If there's anything more that Tikkit does, I'd add that.
@pdcawley @tobyink I'd always feel bad just copying other people's text though 🙁
@leonerd right, think of it as the outline for your shitty first draft though. The most important step when you're writing is getting to that shitty first draft. Refining that to something you're happy to show others is another, in many ways easier, process. If making that draft is hard, then be absolutely shameless about using all the leg ups you can. In the end, you're going to throw away all the text in that Rich intro. Start by replacing the source code and the graphics.
@leonerd @pdcawley @tobyink Copy away. Send me the text when you're done and I'll take a swing at it.
@pdcawley @tobyink I could add some pictures, sure. Should there be any words around the pictures?
@pdcawley @leonerd
I created this to make it easy to generate "flashy" websites for CPAN distributions.

Example flashy website:

#Perl #PerlMarketing

It's mostly just generated from a few YAML files, a little markdown, and the existing pod.
@tobyink @pdcawley Right; but again to reïterate the point from earlier... The tech is part of the problem; having actual words to write, is the other part.
@leonerd I've seen you mention that before. I really need to look into it.

The very first citation in this stupid letter,, is to our #StochasticParrots Paper,

"AI systems with human-competitive intelligence can pose profound risks to society and humanity, as shown by extensive research[1]"


that one of the main points we make in the paper is that one of the biggest harms of large language models, is caused by CLAIMING that LLMs have "human-competitive intelligence."

They basically say the opposite of what we say and cite our paper?
except that he is the worst of the #TEASCREAL ists and it still amazes me how much of an audience he has for no reason whatsoever. I will not be taking my cues from sexually predatory people who create eugenicist cults♥️
Fair point. How about Penny Arcade then?

I just watched a report on TV about the stupid AI letter and I DMed the reporter, saying next time you might just want the perspective of the expert, @timnitGebru. I highly recommend this thread of hers:

Are any of my followers in, near, or soon to be passing through Malmo (Sweden) and want me to owe them a favour? I left a scarf in a restaurant and would like help retrieving it now I am not there any more! (boosts welcome)

Sometimes I ponder how many lines of code are executing whenever I do pretty much anything.

"Clearview is a private company that is making face prints of people based on their photos online without their consent," EFF’s Matthew Guariglia spoke with BBC News for a story about this "huge problem for civil liberties and civil rights" that absolutely needs to be banned."

What's Ruby?

An interpreted, multi-paradigm, high-level, general-purpose programming language. You need Rust to build it.

What's Rust?

A compiled, multi-paradigm, high-level, general-purpose programming language. You need Python to build it.

What's Python?

An interpreted, multi-paradigm, high-level, general-purpose programming language.

Do I need, uhm, Perl to build it?

No, but you need Perl to build Rust.

I knew it. What's Perl?

An interpreted, multi-paradigm, high-level, general-
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What’s a moderately-obscure concept that you end up talking about all the time?
@TechConnectify Relatedly, I’m blowing up our neighborhood email list about smart circuit breaker panels as a potential solution to the impasse of nobody being able to install induction stoves in NYC apartment buildings.
Ah, sweet! Hopefully stoves with batteries can make this even easier (once they become a real product)
@TechConnectify I think the actual availability of product is lagging behind market demand, in this case. The fashion tides have turned amongst hipster middle-aged parents in the city, but there's no appliance maker ready to meet them.
that's very true, but considering other hurdles like permitting and other fun jazz that happens with electrical work, I think stoves with storage have the potential for greater (and possibly even faster) impact. Balancing the need for batteries with other considerations becomes tricky, though!

Still, there are many exciting possibilities in electrification! We just gotta rethink a lot of our current practices.
@TechConnectify I wonder what the regulatory response to a stove with batteries would be. UL would certainly need to rethink some things.
That is an interesting question. A conventional electric range can insulate the oven cavity quite well, so the batteries shouldn't be subjected to much heat. And with LiFePo4 chemistry, I don't think thermal runaway is something to be too concerned about.

In general, thermal runaway from batteries is a 99.99% solved problem, and given how many of today's stoves literally have open flames coming from them... I would hope people don't get needlessly paranoid, here.
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@TechConnectify @Ashton
I mean, even in the case of a catastrophic battery failure, you could still cook your food for a bit.

(Probably want to stick with boiling water or stir fry, though)
Huh, I'm literally going through the credits/bloopers in that video now.

The drop-in electric stove with backup battery is definitely something I will be looking for.

Content warning: Surprise finding shows that neutrophils can be key antitumor weapons

@TechConnectify Do you have any resources about calculating an individual’s cost difference between between gas and electric? I tried to figure it out but there are a lot of numbers and the results didn’t seem to make sense (gas heat was 10x cheaper) so I think I’m not comparing the right numbers.
Simplest thing to do is look at a gas bill, find out your cost per therm, then convert that to cost per kWh (1 therm = 29.3 kWh).

Divide you electricity cost/kWh by your gas cost/kWh and you will find the COP a heat pump needs to run at to be cost-equivalent.

Gas is often 3-4 times cheaper than electricity per kWh, but 10X is unlikely unless your electricity is very expensive

Fun fact! The average train has hundreds of ferrous wheels.
my company does consulting and training in the Rust Programming Language.

We are ... Ferrous Systems.

#Boston had the right to order employees to get #Covid19 shots, court says
a lower court complies with 100 year precedent, shocking!


automate the Chrome browser

Changes for 0.70 - 2023-03-30
  • Move tests from Test::More::isn::t to Test::More::isnt
  • Remove usage of ->@* for compatibility with earlier versions of Perl

Back when Raquel Vélez was my boss at npm, inc., she had a name for when somebody would give you an ill-defined task and then would get upset when you didn't do it "right."

She called it "Bring me a rock." When I asked her what that meant, she would say "Bring me a rock... no, not that one." It was a pretty clear example.

She recognized quickly that I hate, with all of me, "Bring me a rock." It's the least good game.

Anyway, was thinking about that tonight.

Everybody should use that.
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Accenture Research partnered with AWS to tackle the problem of PFAS chemicals using computational chemistry, and one of the side effects was the largest Kubernetes cluster ever run on AWS - more than a million cores! (Also compared that run vs. a 22-qubit quantum computing approach!)

The City that Only Mostly Sleeps: Japanese, Indian food until 2 a.m. approved near #Berklee
#Boston #JapaneseFood #IndianFood #BoylstonStreet #Fenway
good for musicians who get packed up and out early, but not great.
The bartenders and staff whose bars close at 2am need supper at 3am !


A standalone authoring tool for Module::Build::Tiny

Changes for 0.038 - 2023-03-30T17:07:59Z
  • Add --jobs argument to mbtiny test
  • Also allow module name as mint argument
  • mkdir 't' during mint


Various checker utilities to help with Processed Food Registration (RPO - Registrasi Pangan Olahan) at BPOM

Changes for 0.011 - 2023-03-16
  • [bugfix] A line of code was accidentally deleted causing PDF type check to always fail.


Default value rules related to paths

Changes for 0.004 - 2023-03-30
  • First release, moved Data::Sah::Value:😛erl:😛ath::filenames from Data-Sah-DefaultValue.
  • [incompatible change] [perl rule Path::filenames] Rename argument 'recursive' to 'recurse', 'include' to 'include_name_pattern', 'exclude' to 'exclude_name_pattern'.
  • [perl rule Path::filenames] Add arguments 'include_type', 'exclude_type'.


Various checker utilities to help with Processed Food Registration (RPO - Registrasi Pangan Olahan) at BPOM

Changes for 0.012 - 2023-03-30
  • Adjust to Data::Sah::Value:😛erl:😛ath::filenames 0.004.


A PKCS11 interface for Perl

Changes for 0.003 - 2023-03-30T16:55:10+02:00
  • Add refcounting to provider
  • Store provider object in magic for thread safety.

✍️ Book Creator student poetry contest for #NationalPoetryMonth

Details at

And resources
🤖 AI Poems
🧲 Magnetic Poems
🎲 Random Prompts
⬛ Black Out Poetry
📜 Poem Templates
➕ Rhyming Add-on

#ControlAltAchieve #edtech #edutooter @edutooters @edutooter

I'm not sure who needs to hear this but you don't owe anyone on the internet your real name or a profile image that's a real photo of you.

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