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Here's a butterfly effect for you: If Romero had not been sent off and suspended, we'd have gone on to beat Chelsea, Wolves, and Villa and would still be top of the table.

That red probably the turning point of our season. What makes it all the more frustrating is that Cuti was having an incredibly well disciplined season up to that point.

Has he come out and said sorry like Reese James did for his recent red against Newcastle?

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is this in reaction to ?


Not it wasn't, but, oof, that's bad news. Not unexpected, but I was still hoping for better. ☹️


Agree that it was a turning point but I don't like the trend today, where players have to apologise for every mistake that happens on the pitch

@tvachr I agree it is a turning point, but I actually didn’t think it was a red. He went in hard but that’s how he plays. Way less of red than what happened to Bento, just in a box.

I think the bigger issue is just timing of VDV, Bossman and him all being out together.


Yeah, and Maddison. The timing of the injuries all together has been like a bucket of cold water. I really liked how the makeshift team played against Villa though. Just hope they can keep working on that chemistry and understanding between the attacking players. I really felt that was the aspect they were most lacking in. Superb fluidity, but lacking the killer pass or killer strike. The opposite of the HK/Conte era which saw killer finishing but lacking creativity.

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Yeah, I don't think players should apologise for everything, for sure. But in Romero's case, now he's a vice captain, and seeing how he's vastly improved his discipline this season, I thought he might feel like he wanted to as a gesture to consolidate his leadership role.

Hinweis zum "Beitreten"
Wer mit Firefish der Gruppe beitritt (folgt), wird feststellen, dass sich das "Rädchen" ("In Bearbeitung") dauerhaft dreht.

Das ist "normal"... also eher nicht normal, aber es scheint einfach so zu sein. Trotzdem ist man in der Gruppe.

Ich bin nicht sicher, aber das scheint an Chirp zu liegen.
Der Server ist ab und an recht "zäh". Beim Folgen (Verbinden) von Friendica aus, lief meine Verbindungsanfrage in einen Timeout... aber die Verbindung war dann trotzdem da.
Bei Hubzilla ging es (mit recht langer Wartezeit). Dann ware der Kontakt zuerst mit "akzeptiert nichts" gekennzeichnet. Erst nach ein paar Stunden war die Verbindung regulär da.

Found a song that I can use as my #Korean reading practice.

BUT! It is a very sad song! This is the saddest song I've ever heard in my life.

You don't have to understand the lyrics, the composition and performance will capture your soul and make you feel what it is about. By the time you understand the lyrics, you'll feel your soul being pierced by a double-blade sword.

스물다섯, 스물하나 (Twenty-Five, Twenty-One) by #Jaurim #자우림 released in 2013.

If you're wondering if this song inspired the #Kdrama #스물다섯스물하나, I have no idea, however, the story of the K-drama is very close to the lyrics.

#Kpop #Krock

YouTube Music:


made an nutritional experiment to counter verify something now I feel like shit and have proven "it wasn't this" but I feel really horrible now. yay for proving a point to yourself.

Hallo, liebes #Fediverse
Habe nun das #Layout meines #Firefish nach meinem derzeitigen Kenntnis und Wissenstand endlich fertig gestellt.

Vielleicht besteht Interesse, vielleicht hat jemand die angesprochenen Gestaltungsprobleme für sich besser gelöst oder hat noch andere Ideen.

Hier ein paar Bilder:

Danke Pepe - da stehen ja noch mehr interessante Dinge, die man über Firefish wissen sollte 👍

Schon gesehen? Hab eine Firefis-Gruppe erzeugt. Einfach folgen und in solchen (für Nutzer und auch Admins) insteressanten Postings zusätzlich erwähnen. Dann landet der Thread nicht nur in der normalen Timeline, sondern auch in der Gruppe.
Wenn Ihr mögt... 😉
Ich hab die erstellt, damit Diskussionen rund um Firefish etwas besser "zusammengefasst" und damit auch besser für Interessierte auffindbar sind.
Wenn ich der Gruppe folgen will, dann rödelt das nur vor sich hin "in Bearbeitung" 🤷
Ist "normal". Das ist sogar bei mir noch immer so. Hab nachgeschaut... Du bist jedenfalls drin in der Gruppe.
Sehr gute Idee Pepe - so eine Gruppe habe ich neulich auch schon einmal getestet. Sehe ich mir dann morgen gleich an. Vielleicht treffen wir uns alle dort wieder und können die Diskussionen dort besser strukturiert voranbringen 😀

2019: Black Friday discounts!
2023: Black Week, seven days of deals!
2027: Black Month, November's shopping spree!
2030: Black Year starts now, 365 days of discounts!
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Good morning; it's time for Adam Selipsky's #awsreinvent keynote. I'm here at Sugarcane thanks to the fine folks at MongoDB, and I'm about to see whether or not this keynote is going to get me into "15 shots of whiskey, please" territory before 9AM.
a store with a large screen with text E: Invent Welcome to the Livestream We'll begin shortly ALI u,

This is not a general purpose storage tier; super fast access, located in a single AZ, built for massive request volume. Think "ML project."

Pinterest has seen 10x faster write speed with a 40% cost reduction.

NEW Amazon S3 Express One Zone Highest performance and lowest latency cloud object storage Co-locate data and compute Millions of at requests per rev, Single-digit millisecond latency 500/0 lower access costs vs SS Standard MILLISECOND LATENCY. THE—— OBJECT STORAGE IN THE CLOUD snesunø CARIDI CA RI hi

Now talking about Graviton. He's right; it's time to use it. A watershed moment was Arm support by other cloud vendors; having a theoretical exodus path is important.

And now announcing Graviton 4!

#TIL they're called sweaters because of the way they make you sweat

well.. yea, and T-Shirts are T-shaped shirts

Pullovers did take me a while tho

@MiaWinter oh! good notes! I feel like i'm already half way to a fashion degree!

C actually has enough staying power that I am concerned the two-digit year thing in C standard naming might become an issue as 2089 inches ever closer
Bought my plane tickets and hotel already. Woo! (And I was at YAPC 19100. Those were the days...) 😁
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I missed that one but I *was* at the very first #Perl Conference (put on by @OReillyMedia) in 1997 👴🏻
First annual Perl Conference t-shirt

“Let me get this straight. After wailing and moaning for ten months about Hunter Biden and alluding to some vast unproven family conspiracy, after sending Hunter Biden a subpoena to appear and testify, Chairman Comer and the Oversight Republicans now reject his offer to appear before the full Committee and the eyes of the world and to answer any questions that they pose?" - Rep. Jamie Raskin, ranking member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability
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#awsReInvent This kind of thing is what makes following Corey valuable - I couldn’t watch the keynote because of meeting conflicts, and I’m unlikely to have enough time to watch the thing on YT later, but Corey’s thread gives me all the highlights and that great serving of snark that makes it go down easier.

Good morning; it's time for Adam Selipsky's #awsreinvent keynote. I'm here at Sugarcane thanks to the fine folks at MongoDB, and I'm about to see whether or not this keynote is going to get me into "15 shots of whiskey, please" territory before 9AM.
a store with a large screen with text E: Invent Welcome to the Livestream We'll begin shortly ALI u,

🤔Hey @chrisisgr8, did you switch to all-lowercase toots recently, or only recently have I started noticing?
I do it a lot but perhaps lately i have been in more of a lowercase mood? It's hard to say

The recent plex privacy leaks just continues to prove to me that I cannot trust any commercial entity with my data. They shouldn't have been collecting that data in the first place, and they clearly did not get informed consent before collecting and using that data.

Yes, I'll continue to use my home grown solution over commercial crap that can't be trusted.

Also, it's looking like Plex, when adding this email option, turned marketing emails back on for people who has turned them off:

I've seen this plenty of times, where I've turned off emails, and somehow they managed to get enabled again. Wish companies were required to keep records of these actions, and pay out fines for violations (actually pay them, not just sweep them under the rug w/ the FTC).

Lol, Plex's sharing is private by default, except when you hit continue to dismiss dialogs, which will default it to friends:

The contortions that people will go through to prove that it was private by default, and it was "informed consent" is just crazy.

My wife @skaeth's books would make great holiday gifts! Just sayin'! Just puttin' that out there! Just attemptin' some of the 'ol self-promotin'! (Well, wife-promotion, I guess?) Close enough.

Not 90 seconds later, they both bolted for the kitchen when they heard a cabinet open -_-
#CatsOfMastodon #Cats
Cream-colored kitty wrapped around her tabby best buddy

There Were Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse at a Youth Center. #Indiana Kept Sending Boys and Money Anyway.

Inadequate and potentially illegal policies allowed supervisors at Pierceton Woods Academy to ignore what one psychologist called an “assembly-line” of abuse, according to court depositions and government records.

Photo of the driveway entrance to Pierceton Woods Academy in Indiana. 

The Indiana Department of Child Services continued sending boys to Pierceton Woods Academy even after hearing reports of abuse there. 

Photo Credit: Kelly Wilkinson/IndyStar

Content warning: child, youth sexual abuse

@ella fun fact.. they have an option to disable it, but it doesn't disable it everywhere :')

Sports Illustrated has apparently been publishing AI-generated articles by “authors” who don’t exist beyond their AI-generated photos. This is a much bigger problem than most people realize, and the implications are quite dire — consider, for example, that the same thing is happening in medical and scientific journals (it is). #AI #disinformation #media #socialmedia

AI generated author photo
AI generated author photo

Google is an Archive like a Supermarket is a Food Museum.

Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia written in Dry-Erase Marker.

***** WARNING: Google Drive data loss issues *****

There are reports of data being lost from #Google Drive, possibly tied to Desktop sync issues. Google is investigating now. PLEASE SEE:

Starting to see more overlap/competition between classical compute #ML (deep neural networks in this case) and #quantum computing approaches, in this case for chemistry problems:

Stopped in the thrift store today after donating some stuff and I'm continuing my tradition of purchasing souvenir mugs with places I have not been to on them.

Weird commemorative ones are solid options, too! Nothing weird enough this time, though

A white coffee mug with an abstract drawing of the skyline of Toronto on it (with the text Toronto below) and a black coffee mug that says Ann Arbor (a city in Michigan)

My takeaway here is: you've never been to Toronto, which is a wrong that should be righted.

Also, great sweater 🚀

Please come to Ann Arbor. You were so close when you drove Tom Scott to Hell! Also, Ypsilanti has really good barbecue and live music. I made this profile for the specific point of inviting you to my hometown!

Yes I'm a woman who believes in crystals and that their vibrations affect our lives!

The System Crystal in the original Nintendo runs at 21.47727 MHz and is integral to the operation of the Picture Processing Unit!


Good morning from the University of Pennsylvania campus, where it's currently snowing quite heavily! #upenn #snow
@mjgardner Yep, definitely starting to feel brisk out there!

Push Back on NameDrop Privacy Insinuations

Are you concerned that #AI will pose a severe threat to your employment within the next five years?

Would love it if you explained your reasoning and boosted.

  • Yes (5%, 5 votes)
  • No (80%, 71 votes)
  • Unsure (13%, 12 votes)
88 voters. Poll end: in 6 days


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bicycle for the mind
Also it is not cheap as it seems to be.
Most of the Ai products are cheaper than they should be. IMHO there is already a bubble.

Returning to the south: what can ‘reverse migration’ do for Black Americans? | Documentary films | The Guardian

> In a new HBO documentary, writer #CharlesBlow explores how moving to the south could lead to important political and societal change for #Black Americans

#BlackMastodon Uprooting to another place to create political opportunities for the wider Black community is a noble idea. Quality of life has to also be a consideration. Are economic opportunities available: livable wage jobs, affordable housing? How long would it take to see political change; a few years or in a generation? Would the move feel like going home or starting over?
It's part of the article and I believe the Documentary. He's upfront with the idea that this isn't moving to Paradise, it's a long term play that will benefit the country as a whole I don't subscribe to HBO so I will look for reviews and comments.
@venitamathias Also...and I haven't seen the documentary - I only read his column when he first wrote about it and have talked to him when he visited UF - all Black people in America could move to the south but unless gerrymandering is ended, the political structures will remain the same. It's not like the Black people who already live there don't know what to do.
@fulanigirl Right. It will take time to reverse gerrymandering taking place now. Mr. Blow relocated to Atlanta which has a thriving Black economic and political base but they still couldn't get Stacy Abrams elected.
@venitamathias Exactly right! It's not just about moving to Atlanta. The maps can always be redrawn to deprive black voting blocs from having power. The greatest # of Black folks in the US already live in the South. It's not a numbers issue. It's gerrymandering.
@fulanigirl @venitamathias that's a fact! Just watching the shift over the years is evidence of this.
@kshernandez @fulanigirl @venitamathias And for us in the West,Las Vegas has become a go-to moving site for Blacks from California and Texas.
@IveyJanette @fulanigirl @venitamathias I didn't know that... Be interesting to see the trends in how people move based on gerrymandering.
@IveyJanette @fulanigirl @venitamathias oh yeah, nothing new. I just hope people don't sleep on how it's being used just because it's not new strategy.
@IveyJanette @fulanigirl @venitamathias
I do know that Atlanta's economic growth recently is radiating outward so there is change happening. Property values in my hometown about 3hrs away have gone up
@fulanigirl In Maryland, we elected Wes Moore Govenor. Proof of Black voting power.
@venitamathias Right, because Maryland isn't gerrymandered so votes count.
@venitamathias UGH! Now I'm riled up because this "move to the south" thing once again puts the onus on Black folks for carrying white America. Here's a radical thought: How about droves of progressive White folks move to the south to gerrymandered districts and turn them over. How about that?! Let some White folks take responsibility for ending their relatives chicanery..... And lets see how long they remain "progressive." 😡
@fulanigirl I feel you because if the racists didn't have gerrymandering they would create something else.

Comcast still "requires" you call them and give them a reason for disconnecting service-- they won't move on from that question until they get an answer.

Luckily, "The squirrels are using my Wi-Fi to plot against me" seems to be an acceptable reason that results in no further questions.